Steampunk Weekend
6-8 Dec

Join us for a weekend celebrating Victorian sci-fi, where creativity and imagination collide in a fantastic display of costumes, gadgets, music and art.

Dive into a world of steam-inspired wonders and retro-futuristic marvels. Don your best steampunk attire and immerse yourself in a community of like-minded enthusiasts. Don't miss out on this unique event where the past meets the future in a whirlwind of gears and goggles. See you there!

Friday night Launch event

Welcome to the **Steampunk Weekend - Friday Night Launch event**! Join us on Fri Dec 06 2024 at 8:00 PM at Pilgrim House Weymouth for a night of **steampunk** fun and excitement with Captain of the Lost Waves. On his National Tour, Weymouth is the only place to see this act in the SouthWest.

The Captain makes his return nearly 22 months after a life changing road traffic accident where both he and his family were caught up in a police car chase resulting in being hit by the stolen vehicle. During the challenges of such a stark rehabilitation, music was miraculously still being created, albeit in a very slow, laboured and somewhat sedate ‘late night fashion’. Where strongpainkillers/opioids became ‘married’ to those rare and fleeting moments of energetic impulses that screamed out to be expressed – hence a reflective, healing, contemplative album emerged.

Don't miss out on this unforgettable evening!

Ghosts of Christmas Past - TOUR

Friday night 7:30pm. Meet outside The Nothe Tavern

Following the SELL-OUT tour last year the Ghost tour returns for the Christmas Steampunk weekend.

Whilst Christmas is associated with 'A Christmas Carol' and Bob Marley's ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, why not take this opportunity to step into this one-off Ghostly Christmas experience set in old Victorian England on this walking tour of the Old Harbour and passageways of Weymouth! From Saxon massacres, the Black Death, murders, mysteries, and haunted happenings, to a forgotten graveyard, strange spectral sightings, and secretive paths; this fascinating tour takes you into the lesser-known history of the area. Steampunk attire encouraged
Link to booking soon.

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday 9am-6pm FREE parking on 2nd December For Small Business Saturday and the town's Steampunk event. Weymouth is the perfect town to explore and get a head start on Christmas shopping; for something unique, visit our independent traders selling homewares, gifts, jewellery, food, drink, hampers and more.

Steampunk Christmas Market - Saturday 10-4 & Sunday 11-3

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of **Victorian-era science fiction** and **fantasy**. Dress up in your best **steampunk** attire and enjoy live music, performances, and more. Immerse yourself in a world of steam-powered wonders and mechanical marvels, enjoy artists, music, fashion, stalls and more.

Exhibitors: To be announced

Acts booked: Cogneys, Kitten Von Mew, Leigh, Major Blunder, Weymouth community choir, Weymouth brass band, The Inferno sisters (more to be announcesd)

Fashion Exhibits: Weymouth College and Exeter Steampunk group

Activities; Team duelling, Cheese rolling, Nerf gun shooting....

#Requires entry ticket to the Nothe Fort. FREE for those in Steampunk

Steampunk Workshops Saturday 10-2

Fancy making your own 'little something' for the promenade on Sunday, or for FREE entry to the Fort, well this is the perfect chance to 'have-a-go'. Why not bring something you want to Punk-up or start from scratch, with a hat, goggles or mechanical wings the choice is yours!
Workshops being held in:
The Black dog
Saint Nics gallery
The Palm House

Saturday evening entertainment

The Clan Dolmen Yule Ball 8pm - late, Hardy's Hop House Join in the fun at The Clan Dolmen's annual Yule Ball! With music from: Connach & The Dolmen

Music at Pirate keep and Belvedere Pub acts TBC

Steampunk Convivial - Dress to Impress from 8pm - 11pm at The Cutter Pub, St Alban Street

Music at the Golden Lion acts TBC

plus more to be announced

Steampunk PROMENADE 10am

Steampunk Promenade
10am, Meet at Jubilee Clock.
Join fellow Steampunkers on a promenade along the Seafront and through Weymouth Town Centre before socialising with other steampunkers in hostelries or purchasing a last minute gift within the town or at the Steampunk market.

Discount given to Steampunkers in the following establishments

details to come